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Why should I volunteer with Seafair?

Seafair is dedicated to our mission of creating memories and uniting communities and since our start in 1950, we’ve partnered with volunteers to make our goal a reality. By volunteering with Seafair you help ensure that events like Summer Fourth, Milk Carton Derby, the Torchlight Parade and Run, and of course, Seafair Weekend Festival, go off without a hitch! It takes nearly 2,000 volunteers to make Seafair events the place for Seattle summer, and we want you to join the team.

Join us to:

  • Support and attend your favorite event.
  • Earn community service hours for school or work.
  • Have opportunities to gain leadership experience.
  • Be part of a decades long tradition of fun and service!

Volunteer Q&A

What does a Seafair volunteer do?

Seafair volunteers do all sorts of work! Here’s a selection of some of our most needed positions. Note that some shifts take place before or after an event and some occur off site. Shift hours vary depending on your role.
• Admissions and Ticket Sales
• Guest Services
• Ushering for the parade, run, and stadium seating
• First Aid and Emergency Services
• Boat Skippers and Crew Members
• Divers
• Neighborhood and Site Clean Up
• Venue Set Up and Tear Down
• And more! Speak a second language? Know your way with carpentry tools? It takes many hands and many skills to run an event, and you never know what might come in handy. Let us know what you can do in your volunteer application!

Who can volunteer at Seafair?

Just about anyone who is excited to dedicate time and energy into our awesome events! But we do have some requirements for legal and safety reasons.
• Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older by the day of the event for which they are volunteering; however, an exception can be made for those participating as part of an organized and supervised group such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sporting teams, etc.
• Volunteers younger than 18 MUST have a parent or legal guardian complete our Parental Permission Form on the day of the event.
• We love when families volunteer together, but if your child is too young to volunteer or isn’t volunteering, please make sure they have appropriate supervision during the event as they, along with other non-volunteer family, friends, and pets are not allowed to accompany volunteers during any of their volunteer shifts at any of our events.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Seafair uses Shiftboard, an online scheduling software, for all volunteer registration, scheduling and messaging. To volunteer with us, you must create a free account.

The information obtained on this site will only be used by the Seafair Festival staff. We will not share, trade, sell or give access to your personal information to any other organization without your permission. Emails are limited to shift announcements, shift changes, password resets, and important information for your volunteer role.

Ready to join our team? Signing up to volunteer at Seafair is a simple four-step process:
1. First, go to Shiftboard.com/seafair to register. Click New Registration and fill out all of the required fields and press submit. Your choices under SKILLS & INTERESTS and SEAFAIR EVENTS I AM INTERESTED TO VOLUNTEER AT determine your volunteer team and what shifts you can see on Shiftboard.
2. Our volunteer coordinators will process your application within 48 hours and send you an email with your username and password. If you don’t get an email, please check your Spam or Promotions folder.
3. Click the link in the email and log in using the email address and password provided in the email. You will be prompted to read and sign off on the Volunteer Handbook.
4. Go to the Calendar and select the date of your choice. Clicking the shift will reveal more details about it. Select "Take this Shift" to sign up!
5. Confirm your shift on the next page. You will receive a confirmation of your shift in your email.
Questions? Contact our Volunteer and Community Relations Coordinator, Camille Rochester at

What’s Shiftboard?

Shiftboard is a Seattle-based, cloud-delivered software company providing workforce management solutions for fast, flexible, complex, and disruptive staffing environments. Powered with on-boarding tools and real-time qualification of training, skills, interest and location for a diverse workforce, Shiftboard has easy-to-use and interactive team schedules, alerts and notifications as well as labor cost and compliance management features often required within part-time, hourly, contract, seasonal, volunteer, and other staffing environments.

Behind the scenes, Shiftboard powers hundreds of leading brands and organizations around the world in producing large events, managing facilities services, production, contact centers, health care and security staffing operations.

What are the volunteer guidelines?

Once you register you will be able to view the full volunteer guidelines and requirements. Here are some of the basics.
• Code of Conduct: Treat everyone (visitors, participants and other volunteers) with courtesy. Never discriminate for age, gender, or race. Remain calm and level-headed in all situations. If problems occur, please contact a staff member, your team leader or a committee member. We are there to assist you.
• Shift Completion: At the end of your shift, if you have not been relieved, please tell a supervisor and stay in your area until a replacement comes. If this is the final or only shift of the event, please check with your supervisor before leaving your shift.
• Dress Code: Volunteers must wear the volunteer t-shirt that is provided to them with pants, shorts or capris and comfortable tennis shoes. Dress code may vary for specific volunteer roles. Please bring a jacket, hat, or sunglasses as is appropriate for the weather.
• Attendance: We depend on your commitment to participate. Your presence and prompt arrival for your scheduled shifts are absolutely necessary. When you commit, you commit to the selected shift(s) and the entire shift time.
• Shift Cancellation: All volunteers can manage their itinerary through their account on our volunteer website including shift additions, shift changes/cancellations, adding friends/family to shifts. Use your email address and password to login and return to your registration to make any changes. Some shifts have a cutoff date that requires manager notice of shift cancellation.
• Weather: Our events are rain or shine, so please do not let rain stop you from coming – we still need you! For your comfort, dress according to the weather forecast. Volunteers will be notified in case of extreme weather conditions.
• Placement: Please note, the Seafair Festival reserves the right to reassign volunteer assignments based on prior volunteer experience, unexpected needs or shifts in events. We will do our best to honor your first choice, but it is not guaranteed. The Seafair Festival utilizes nearly 3,000 volunteers for our events and programs; at times, schedule adjustments may be necessary. Thanks in advance for your understanding, flexibility, and patience!
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