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Be a part of the biggest floating party, the Skanska Seafair Logboom! Boaters tie up to anchored logs that provide front row viewing of the heart pounding hydroplane race and spectacular Boeing Seafair Air Show overhead. Bring your sunscreen, beverages, family and friends to enjoy Seafair Weekend from the water in true Seattle style!

*Please note that participants who register after July 14, 2014 will incur a $50 late fee.

People who purchase their Logboom spot after July 25, 2014 must come to the Seafair office to pick up their Logboom Packet. The office is located at 2200 6th Avenue, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98121.

2014 Notice to Boaters

2014 Logboom Waiver Form/Rules & Regulations

Seafair Weekend 

Friday, August 1 - Sunday, August 3

Lake Washington 

Seafair Weekend includes: the Albert Lee Appliance Seafair Cup (H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing), Graham Trucking Seafair Cup (F1 Prop Tour Tunnel Boat Racing), Vintage Hydroplane Racing, Boeing Seafair Air Show,

 the Seafair Wakeboard Experience - and more! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How early in the week can I arrive at the Logboom?
A: Boats can begin arriving as early as Wednesday night.

Q: Is the price for the whole weekend?

A: The Logboom  prices reserve boat space for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday is considered a free day, where any boat can tie to the Logboom, and will be cleared out to make room for paying participants on Friday morning.

Q: Can I use a shuttle boat to transport people back and forth from the shore?

A: Shuttle boats are only allowed for boats in the broadside (red & black)sections. This policy was implemented to decrease boat traffic and safety hazards in the racing and logboom areas.

Q: Will I have the same spot on the Logboom if I leave in the evening and come back the next morning?
A: There are no spaces reserved on the Logboom. If a boat leaves at night, or during the day to transport people, the boat risks losing the spot in which it was tied. The spaces on the Logboom are given out on a first come, first serve basis.

Q: When will I receive my credentials packet?
A: The logboom burgees and credentials packets will be mailed out during the week of July 22-26.

Q: Will I be able to pick-up people from the shore during the day?
A: All boats east of the buoy on Lake Washington will be cleared out to north of the I-90 bridge, and all boats tied to the logboom will be prohibited from moving during the air show each day.

Q: Why isn’t there an option to purchase a shuttle pass for any section other than the Red and Charter section of the Logboom?
A: Although we would love the option of offering shuttle passes to all of the Logboom sections during the Seafair weekend, we are limited by several reasons to the areas that we can offer this to outside of the Red and Charter Section.  The ability to offer the same option to every individual in the Yellow, White, and Green sections would create not only a space issue when trying to fit all of the boats that have been sold space but would also create so many shuttle boats that we would not be able to meet the Coast Guard and FAA requirements of keeping the area clear during the events.  We understand that this would make it much easier to shuttle your guests back and forth for the weekend, but with the strict requirements of the number of boats we are allowed to have on the water and the requirement to keep the safety zone for both the race and the air show unfortunately makes this not an option for us to offer.  We will continue to offer this to the Red and Charter section for 2013.

Notice To Boaters 
Special restrictions and local regulations have been established in order to promote safety of these events for both performers and spectators alike. These boating restriction and local regulations will be enforced by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. 2014 Notice to Boaters


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