Board of Directors


Executive Committee
David Willis - Ticketmaster

Chair Elect & Secretary:
Steve Crandall - ProMotion Arts

Michelle Rudd - Wells Fargo

Vice Chair, Marketing:
Dale Gluck - Strategy Speaks

Vice Chair, Government Affairs:
Laura Lockard - Woodland Park Zoo

Vice Chair, Special Projects:
Margo Myers - Margo Myers Communications/Springboard
Trong Pham - Morgan Stanley

Vice Chair, Volunteer Relations:
Steve Sposari - SK Food Group

Vice Chair, Foundation Liaison:
Sherry Nebel - The Boeing Company (ret.) 

Vice Chair, Revenue:
John Buller - Loyalty Solutions Group

Immediate Past Chair:
Emelie East - CBE Strategic

Board Members
Pam Anderson - Perkins Coie
Tony Armstrong - The Pacific Institute
David Blandford - Visit Seattle
Kipepeo Brown - Overlake Medical Center
Abraham Dairi - Union Bank
Roque Deherrera - City of Seattle, Office of Economic Development
Deanne Ederer Emmons - Ederer Investments
Lori Friedt - Special Olympics
Andrew Gustafson - Mixpo
Beth Hester - Nyus Communications
Ralph B. Ibarra - DiverseAmerica Network
Rick Jenkins - Port of Seattle
Anna Liotta - Resultance, Inc.
Matthew Mason - PromoShop, Inc.
Ross McIvor - Bauer Evans PLLC
Mike Mesick - The Boeing Company
Jay O'Connor - KIRO TV
Dale Perrott - Starbucks Coffee Co.
Michelle Pinson - Washington Athletic Club 
Sally Poliak - Flypaper
Natalie Quick - Natalie Quick Consulting
Tom Reid - Veterans Promise Coffee
Omar Riojas - Kelley Goldfarb, Huck & Roth LLC
DeLee Shoemaker - Microsoft
Keith Taylor - Holland America

Military Liaisons
FDML Jeff Ruth - U.S. Navy Region Northwest
CDR Djamal - U.S. Navy - Navy Recruiting Seattle District
RADM Richard Gromlich - U.S. Coast Guard 13th District
LTG Steve Lanza - U.S. Army I Corps & JBLM
COL John Buck - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Amanda O'Rourke - Greenwood, Ohlund & Co.

Samantha Noonan

Festival Board Liaison:
Sherry Nebel - The Boeing Company (ret.)

Trong Pham - Morgan Stanley

Immediate Past Chair:
Joel Andrus - Seattle Fire Department

Board Members
Brian Bradley - Principal Financial Group
Jaymelina Esmele - Communique PR
Stacy Nagata - Comcast
Geraldine Fain - Community Leader
David Willis - Ticketmaster
Laura Lockard - Woodland Park Zoo
TJ Filley -

Washington Athletic Club, 
the Official Host of Seafair Board of Directors Meetings
The Washington Athletic Club has been on the forefront of Seattle since 1930. From modest beginnings, it has evolved into the best athletic club in the nation. The WAC's mission, helping our members live better lives, hasn’t changed. That pioneering spirit is guided by a strong vision: To enrich the quality of life of its members and to be the premier athletic club in America. But above all else, the WAC values excellence, service, integrity, leadership and sensitivity.

Because of this uncompromising touchstone, the WAC is a repeat winner of the Five-Star Platinum Award. The WAC's beautiful historical landmark–designated building reflects the great traditions of the WAC, and the new facilities and services inside represent the best of the present and the basis for a most successful future.

For more information on the Washington Athletic Club, CLICK HERE.