Seafair Royalty

Since 1950 Seafair Royalty has reigned over the Festival and represented the City of Seattle. For the first five decades, Seafair Royalty consisted of King Neptune and his Prime Minister, and the Seafair Queen (later renamed Miss Seafair) whose role included greeting visiting dignitaries, participating in ceremonial activities throughout the City, and encouraging all to take part in Seafair festivities.

In 2000, the Royalty Program was updated to crown one man as King Neptune and one woman as Queen Alcyone. This outstanding couple is chosen based on their philanthropic contributions to the Puget Sound region and ability to inspire the communities in which they live. Throughout the summer festival, Seafair Royalty participates in festival events and activities to celebrate the pageantry and tradition of Seafair while helping celebrate the community spirit of greater Seattle to the fullest.

The King and Queen will be featured as honored guests in the Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade.Throughout the festival they will perform several knighting ceremonies recognizing outstanding citizens in the Seattle area and provide support to Seafair’s Royalty Program, consisting of Miss Seafair and the Seafair Scholarship Program for Women participants.

2014 King Neptune & Queen Alcyone
The 2014 royalty will be announced at the kick off on June 15.

2014 Knighting Ceremonies

Blitz: Squire of the 12th Man Spirit & Sideline Dances

Blitz, the infamous Seahawks' mascot, has joined the Seafair Royals! On Wednesday, January 29 Blitz was knighted at Seafair's 65th Anniversary Kick Off at the Seattle Boat Show. He has been dubbed the "Squire of the 12th Man Spirit & Sideline Dances".

Since joining the Seattle Seahawks in 1998, Blitz has become one of the most recognized mascots in the nation. Known for his high-energy, high-fives and raise the roofs at every home game, Blitz knows how to excite a crowd. And this crowd at CenturyLink Field isn’t just any crowd. It’s the home of the 12th man, the loudest fans in the world. Blitz never fails to keep the energy up and the crowd on their feet as he leads the 12’s to the big game.

Past Seafair Royalty

Recognizing notable individuals as Seafair Royalty has been part of the Festival’s history since 1950. King Neptune (King of the Sea), and Queen Alcyone (Queen of Calm Seas) highlights of the last decade include: Scott Oki & Dorothy Bullitt (2000), Herb Bridge & Phyllis Campbell (2001), David Towne & Patrinell Wright (2002), Rev. Samuel B. McKinney & Rita Ryder (2003), Roberto Maestas & Jeannie Nordstrom (2004), Bill Rex & Joan Wallace (2005), Dr. Carver Gayton & Karen Moyer (2006), Bob Santos & Mona Locke (2007), Skip Rowley & Constance Rice (2008), Pat Cashman & Darlene Corkrum (2009), John Curley & Dr. Bonnie Dunbar (2010), Tom Skerritt & Joni Earl (2011). Slick Watts and Sue Rahr (2012), Jonathon Poneman & Jennifer Roth (2013).