Scholarship Program for Women

Program Mission
The Seafair Foundation Scholarship Program for Women is an amazing summer experience for young women seeking academic scholarships and opportunities for leadership development. Each participant is guaranteed a minimum of $750 in scholarship funds.

The Scholarship Program for Women strives to empower young women in reaching their personal and professional goals. The program showcases each individual’s academic abilities, public speaking skills, talents and community service.

With a mission to promote philanthropy, diversity and community involvement, participants/princesses represent Seafair at nearly 20 community events and parades.

Participants are also paired with respected local female professionals in a Mentorship Program. This program provides the opportunity for participants to gain professional experience through networking and exposure to the business world.

All participants will leave the eight-week program as community advocates with leadership skills, confidence and a lifetime of memories!

CLICK HERE for the 2014 Scholarship Program for Women application.

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Program History
The Seafair Scholarship Program for Women is one of Seattle’s time-honored traditions. Dating back to 1950, it was originally designed as a pageant to select articulate young women as Seafair representatives to greet visiting dignitaries and share the Seafair message.

Sixty-five years later, the program has evolved into one which rewards academic achievements, celebrates diversity, and showcases future leaders.

Quick Facts
Since 1950, SPFW has:
• Awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to Miss Seafair and her court.
• Accepted and recognized more than 1,400 participants!

Former Seafair Queens/Miss Seafairs have gone into various professions such as:
• Law
• Broadcast Journalism
• Education
• Motivational Speaking
• Government Relations
• Medicine

Community Involvement and Philanthropy
Throughout the eight-week program, participants attend nearly 20 events in the Seattle area; including such Seafair events as the Milk Carton Derby, Torchlight Run & Parade, Seafair Weekend and many other community parades and festivals. Attendance at these events allows participants to experience and enjoy the diversity of the Greater Seattle area.

In addition to community events, participants visit retirement facilities and local hospitals bringing Seafair to those who cannot experience it on their own.

Public Speaking and Interviews

Participants serve as informed stewards for Seafair events, building confidence and leadership skills while sharing individual festival experiences and discussing their community service platforms at community events as well as through media interviews.

Participants will be interviewed and judged by a panel of community leaders, who assess each individual’s interests, skills, knowledge and ability to serve as Miss Seafair 2014.

Creative Expression and Community Service Presentation
All participants will have the opportunity to showcase their Creative Expression which provides an opportunity for each participant to develop and display her originality, self-expression, and confidence. Creative Expression (talent) can fall under the categories of dance, vocal, instrumental, monologue, dramatic expression, or public speaking.

The top 8 semi-finalists will present their community service platform on the evening of the Coronation Jubilee. Past platforms have been the Humane Society, Gun Rights, Clothing Drives, Youth Tutoring and Search & Rescue.

Participant Guidelines
• Must be between the ages of 18 and 25 before August 1, 2014.
• A United States citizen, permanent resident or on a definitive path to citizenship.
• Able to show proof of enrollment at a post secondary school, college, university, or vocational institution for the Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 quarter/semester(s).
• Pay the $150 application fee


CLICK HERE for the 2014 Scholarship Program for Women application.

Please submit the application and any other requested materials to:

Seafair Scholarship Program for Women
ATTN: Jill Farley Mullen
2200 Sixth Ave, Ste 400
Seattle, WA 98121

To learn more about the 2013 Miss Seafair, Emily Rio Barber, CLICK HERE.