Triathlon Training Programs & Tips


Adult Triathlon Training with Mary Meyer Life Fitness
Known in Seattle as the resource for outstanding swim and triathlon coaching, MMLF helps athletes of all levels prepare for a great triathlon experience. Providing exceptional clinics, triathlon events and lectures, MMLF develops physical and mental strength to meet goals with confidence. Purchase a training package with your registration today and ensure that you’ll be ready to ROCK the race in July!! (All packages include a complimentary Intro to Triathlon Lecture – Multiple clinic dates available for all options)

Package A: 1 pool swim clinic, 1 open water clinic, 1 tri clinic, 2 additional clinics of your choice as well as two practice tri’s on June 14th and September 6th at Collage Lake. One to prep for Seafair and one to see how well you’ve improved! ($261 for USAT Members - $285 for Non-USAT Members)
Package B: 1 pool swim clinic, 1 open water clinic, 1 tri clinic, 2 clinics of your choice, as well as one prep triathlon at Cottage Lake on June14 or September 6th ($212 for USAT Members - $224 for Non-USAT Members)
Package C: 1 pool swim clinic, 1 open water clinic, 1 tri clinic, 2 clinics of your choice ($140)

Package D: 1 pool swim clinic, 1 open water swim clinic ($60 Technique and Efficiency, $65 for Beginners)

Pool clinics are held every Sunday YEAR ROUND, and Open Water & Tri Clinics are held June 7th, July 19th, & August 9th. 

Kids Triathlon Training with Rusty Pruden
This summer, Rusty Pruden Endurance are partnering to support and produce RPE Youth triathlon development, a triathlon training program for kids ages 6 - 13. Kids will meet with coaches once a week, with group activities and engaging sport specific games. Group sessions will be held on Saturdays and each of those clinics will include two hours of triathlon training. The course will teach each student proper technique for success in the open water and on the bike, teaching students how to overcome anxiety, bike handling into corners, shift and other tactics. In addition, transition practice will be incorporated during each of these clinics.

Session Dates:
May 3rd / May 31st / June 14th / July 12th | 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Location: Seward Park Seattle

$45 per 2 hour session

Meet the Coach: Coach Rusty Pruden
Rusty’s coaching philosophy states that in order for an athlete to be successful and accomplish their goals, they should be happy, well rested and pushed… this is the same with kids. He will build and manipulate the kids training program to personally fit personality needs of each kid. His ability to understand and work with kids will keep them hooked, engaged, motivated, happy, and excited for more. Everyone deserves a chance to dream big and achieve something magnificent… he will be of support and guidance every step of the way. Hard work pays off!

Rusty’s Athletic resume:

  • Six years’ experience coaching High School Pole-Vault
  • 15 years in a running background - NWACC All-American in Cross-Country and Track
  • Six years of competitive Triathlon experience in both Short and Long course triathlon, Professional ITU and Long Course Triathlete
  • Seafair Sprint & Olympic distance Triathlon Course record holder.
  • USAT Short Course World Championships 2010; 9th overall
  • 70.3 World Championships competitor, 2007
  • USAT Level 1 Collegiate recruitment coach