Seafair Calendar Event
Seafair Pirates Landing

Location: Alki Beach

Date/Times: 7/9/2011 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

Ahoy, mates! This be yer warnin’ shot!

The cutthroat Seafair Pirates crew has made a deal with their Captain Kidd – and are comin’ to collect the bounty they left behind last year!

Avast, the Seafair Pirates will sail in from the seven seas and land on the beach around noon. Don’t be gettin’ in their way! The stage will be there ta welcome ye and they be bringin’ some local bands to play around 11 am and will give ye a day full o’ wild piratical merriment. Yer be singin’ those sea shanties! Ready, Aim, Fire!

The merchants will be puttin’ out their finest wares startin’ at around 9:30 am and ye can shop, eat and dance along with the pirates throughout the day!

The event begins at 9:30am and the pirates will land around Noon.

Seafair Pirates
(206) 365-1590


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