Miss Seafair Scholarship Program for Women Coronation
Date(s): Thursday, July 24, 2013
Location: Leo Kreielsheimer Theatre at Seattle Repertory Theatre
Time: 6:30 p.m.

The Seafair Scholarship Program for Women is one of Seattle’s most time-honored traditions. This year the Scholarship Program and Seafair Festival are celebrating 65 years of history, tradition and community.

Today the Scholarship Program has evolved into one that rewards academic ambition, celebrates diversity and showcases future leaders. During the eight-week program, participants hone public speaking skills, creative expression and confidence. The program also pairs each young woman with a respected female professional as a mentor to provide guidance in education and career decisions. Community service involvement and philanthropy are also required elements. All participants are recognized with scholarship awards to support their educational tuition, and one is awarded the title of Miss Seafair who represents Seafair at events and appearances.

Dating back to 1950, the program was originally designed to select articulate young women as Seafair representatives, based on friendliness, poise, speaking ability and wholesomeness. The program has a rich history that continues to live on through the program’s alumni, current Miss Seafair and program participants.

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Seafair Commodores

The Seafair Commodores have served as goodwill ambassadors for the city of Seattle and Seafair since 1955.  The Commodores serve two specific purposes: promoting the Seafair Foundation Scholarship Program for Women and building relationships with community civic organizations around the Pacific Northwest.  The Seafair Commodores assist and support the Scholarship Program for Women by providing escorts for Miss Seafair and her court during parades and special events.  The proceeds from the Commodores fundraising activities go to the scholarship program.